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Mobile wallet & Fingerprint identification service

Enormous potential for mobile wallet and fingerprint identification service.

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There are many arguments in favor of buying a top-generic domain. When buying a domain is indeed not a simple purchase, but an investment that can be refinanced within a period of time. Whether you would otherwise not get through the acquisition of many new customers or through direct sales of products or services. and mobile payment
The mobile payment system can be used as a central payment platform for any type of service, for example, for paying at supermarkets, shops, gas stations, parking tickets or even the transfer of money to other bank accounts (e-money, even under individuals as person-to-person, P2P). Since late 2009, it has been used by newspaper and magazine publishers Mobile Payment increasingly for e-paper offers, about fee charging electronic newspaper articles, electronic journal articles or other paid content. and Mobile Wallet
The potential for mobile wallet is gigantic.
Use of the Mobile Wallet integrates with Smart Mobile Wallet services and make the transfer and interaction new.

Some examples:
Mobile wallet services
  • Access & Keys
  • Mobile Payments & Payment Services
  • P2P Transfer (consumers send one another easily the money and the near real-time)
  • Identity / eID function (online ID)
  • Ticketing
  • Customer Loyalty & Couponing

Mobile Wallet
  • Integrated, Digital & Networked

Transfer & interaction
  • NFC Card Emulation
  • User Interface
  • Cloud & Online
  • Messaging
  • Proximity (QR, NFC, BLE)
  • Social Media
Pay with your finger through app in hundreds of thousands of transactions with a single keystroke.
With app offer online point of sale, or the stationary point of sale as a possibility.
Your fingerprint. Your security. Right at your fingertip.

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The GREAT Domain Name may be available. - Lets You Pay With the Touch of a Finger
Biometric Finger Scanning Payment System
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